In the current times around 90% of mobile time is projected in using apps and the best part is, you can generate a lot of revenue with a single app but the call is to decide the app to startup. The foremost and challenging part is the concept of the app and then to run it successfully.

Before proceeding to the idea, make sure to consider the following elements:

-Research the market

-Decide your target audience

-Build the strategy

-Choose the platform to design the app

-Choose your resources

-Optimize the play store

-Ensure security measures

However, there are a lot of ideas to move with but all may not succeed so, to make it easy for you, with thorough research I have comprised a list of best app ideas to start up, let’s have a look:

-Local Food Delivery

Nowadays, food delivery is like everyday round, but the available apps are offering high charges for the delivery like if the food is of around 50 bucks then they’ll charge the delivery cost of 30 bucks, definitely a bad deal. So, introducing the best and cheap app for food delivery will make a visible difference.

Keep it simple like the user will fill the necessary information of location, contact, etc. and then see the delivery service available for the item.

-Health Monitor

Health is wealth, this is an old saying but stays in today’s time as well, without good health, no one can survive. Everybody goes to their doctor for regular check up’s but the busy times may skip the appointments.

An app containing your health record, reminding you for the next check-up, and maintain your medical appointments will hit the startup.

Rest, the functioning could be different as per the requirements.


You must have got an idea with the name JobBank, yes it is related to jobs, job-seekers, and employers. Well, I know that plenty of job platforms are available but this app idea is to make it easier the process of applying for the job or posting, for both the job-seeker and the employer.

This app will be connected to the platforms where a job-seeker or employer wants to connect and with a single click the post will be posted to all those platforms and for job-seeker, a person will upload the cv which will be circulated to all the selected platforms. What say? Good idea right?


Depression, sadness, happiness, loneliness are few factors which sometimes evolve a person into bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, etc and half of the total population is into this So, an idea of proceeding with an app which will connect the alike people with same habits in nearby places.

Moreover, on this app, all those associated people can share their stories, kind words, or results.


Nowadays, DIY is like everyone’s cup of tea. Even the kids follow DIY videos on YouTube so why not make an app for the same.

This app will contain the content related to lifestyle, looks, food, home decor, cooking, planting, or many more relatable things.

-Park the Car

Oh yes, one of the major issues finding a space to park the car especially when you are out. This app will help you find the free parking spot with the help of GPS; it will save your time and don’t need many elements.

-Food Recommendation app

It’s very difficult to find a good place to eat when you are out at some unknown place or you have been there for the first time.

This app will provide you the list of famous restaurants nearby your current location and will recommend the best dishes available in those eateries. Isn’t it a life-saver app? At least for the foodie ones.

Well, I have a never-ending list of best app ideas for a startup like voice recognition app, fitness app, cookery app, dating app, pet care app, baby care, planting app, and many more but the only motive to mention few in the list is to keep the idea unique and inspiring which will result in real success.

Just keep in mind to take the idea which will make a real difference than other apps also, don’t take a lot of time in finalizing your concept. Snap your idea before anyone else steals it!!