Overtime the elevating appetite of users has a paradigm shift in the demand for mobile applications which must be innovated smartly and for the same concern; I received plenty of queries for the best mobile app frameworks to develop the best application for their business and further clients using web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In my opinion, this is the fasted way to reach users globally. However, you must select the best
framework to get real success through the developed mobile application.

If wondering for the comparison of all frameworks to get the best then you’ll not get the one, it bit depends upon the right platform, the right strategy, and the requirements of the project also. It’s easy to build the mobile app with even a decent knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS but the game is of choosing the best framework for a particular project.

Let’s delve you into the list of top used mobile app frameworks with thorough details that make bridge between web and mobile platforms:

Adobe PhoneGap

Portability is an essential element in mobile app development as it will allow you to port the app on different platforms. Phonegap is a cross-platform app development framework acquired by Adobe in 2011, and developed by Nitobi earlier known as Apache Cordova.

If you want to develop a cross-platform app using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS then this is one of the most reliable platforms.

This framework will allow you to develop the app without facing any hardware restriction, provide the best performance, and inbuilt features of storage, camera, GPS, etc.


If you are concerned about the overall performance of the app then this dependable framework is best for you, Integrated with a myriad of UI components, built with SAS, HTML5 in an effective manner to create a user-friendly app.

It offers a well-crafted set of icons and reusable HTML classes also provides native APIs. It was ascertained by Drifty in 2013. The easiest framework to adopt and allows for low-cost development.

jQuery Mobile

The HTML5 based user interface framework with ready to use the JavaScript library with plugins like image and content slider, designed to make the responsive applications and websites for all devices.

The jQuery team developed it in 2006. It provides an incredible experience with accurate support for all platforms.


This was released in the form of an open-source project publicly, initially used as an internal tool. For developers working to create simple mobile applications, this is the most prominent framework with the bundle of UI components, JS plugins, and reusable HTML.

Its pre-defined UI themes are suitable for both Android and iOS platform.


The main advantage of this lightweight framework is that its diverse JavaScript API is accommodating to constrain app functioning. The programming languages on which this framework based is HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Android, and iOS platforms.

It allows exceptional features such as swipe & tap, double-tap, etc.


If you want to develop and get developed the customizable and extensible mobile apps then this plugin is perfect for you which was originally designed for the Webkit browsers.

This framework allows you to use numerous features, themes that enable you to perform alterations. You can extend it as well to get the desired outcome.

Sencha Touch

The users wanted to take the world-class experience, dynamic interfaces, and touch, tap in for this framework with high-performance HTML5. If you want to develop an enterprise application then this should be the first choice.

This framework is full of all widgets popular for all platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. It also allows the already built applications to improve the performances using hardware acceleration. Adding to that provides security while developing applications.

Jo Mobile

This framework will make it easier for developers with pleasurable experience at any level to start styling their mobile apps majorly compatible with Chrome and Tizen OD platform.

But to access it on all mobile platforms, you need to use it with other frameworks like PhoneGap. This framework is powered by CSS3.

I penned down this collection of frameworks that comes under the priority list of developers for building mobile apps based on CSS, JavaScript, and HTML programming languages.

There are many more frameworks available to proceed with but the above-mentioned are prime mobile app frameworks for users who have been asking me lately to mention the best ones. Make sure to consider all the ascertained factors of the project while choosing the suitable Mobile App Framework.

To know more about frameworks and mobile development, drop me a query to assist you to grow your business.