Photography is like an everyday thing for most people nowadays and everyone wants a perfect look in the photograph. However, everyone can’t have the expensive and advanced cameras to get that perfect click but for an alternate, a lot of mobile phones have advanced their camera quality but still to give the finishing one need an amazing photo editing tool. 

Like many others, me too love photography even though I’m not perfect in that but clicking pictures of myself, work, surroundings gives me some sort of calmness and when I share those pictures using best photo editing apps to add the sparkle, my followers/ connections always give the wondrous response which makes me even happier. 

So, if you are also looking for the best photo editing apps for Android/ iOS then I’ll make it easy for you to choose the ideal fit for you out of the below-mentioned list, I’ve penned down after enduring.

  1. Snapseed 

This application is free and available on both Android and iOS. This app comes with advanced preset filters and a huge range of features, however, you can edit by yourself as well using the picture from scratch. It has tools like cropping, straightening, editing text, adding frames, etc.

To give you the precise look as professional photographers, it will allow you to add a bit of blurriness in the background to add the focus in the foreground. You can easily select the area you want to edit or to brighten up and even save that in the app itself to amend that later.


One more free app in the list available on both Android and iOS devices, like Instagram this app also allow you to combine the editing tools and the online platform. It provides a long list of filters and all are pretty cool like if you want a classy look, vintage look, or simple focused picture you can make all the adjustments in that.

You have to select the portion for editing the skin tones, temperature, exposure, or other contrast means. After all the editing, you can either save it in the app or directly share it with the social platforms. The only merit of this app is its stunning filters.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

The best photo editing app all-around, free, and available in both devices Android/ iOS. This app provides many editing tools in a single frame and can be easily performed on even the small touch screen. The best of this app is it adjusts the common issues itself like dark spots or lighting etc.

To use this app, you just need to sign up in the Adobe account and you have the whole app in front of you with plenty of filters to add the spark in your photographs.

4. Pixlr

Another free app, compatible with both devices Android/ iOS, allows you to make the appealing picture using the numerous effects, overlays, and filters of this app. Its preset filters and editing tools like shadowing, cropping, adjusting the focus gives the picture a precise professional look.

This is a toned-down version and easy for the users to use as compared to other complicated apps, the paid version of this app allows the trials and provides few more advanced filters to use for professional work.

5. Photo Collage

Apart from the editing of a single picture, this free app allows us to make a collage not the simple one but the collage with different background, colors, layers, added pop-ups, etc.

Moreover, you can add the text and customize the colors, skin tone, fonts, etc. So, this app will do the basic editing along with combining a couple of pictures in one frame.

6. Visage

Mostly used for selfies, this free app is again a perfect match for both means Android/ iOS. Even though the natural beauty of every person is appreciable but somewhere people love to hide it at least in pictures to show the brighten side of their personality. This app is perfect to smoothly fade the dark spots, whiten the teeth, and making the skin flawless.

This simply retouches your portraits, adds the backgrounds, and even a few makeup tools available to perk your selfie. This app has one drawback of constant ads popup in between which can be avoided by taking the paid version of the same but otherwise this is best for selfie editing.

7. Adobe Lightroom

The well-known advanced free photo editing tool, compatible with both platforms Android/ iOS, provides features like clarity settings, white balance, gradient, etc. You can make the powerful advanced corrections in the photo, quick editing preset filters, easy to share on all platforms, save the pictures on adobe cloud so you can access on other devices as well.

The best part of this editing app is its impressive advanced controls over the tools which give the perfect synchronization but at the same time, it may get complicated for the beginners or the user use the editing app rarely.

8. Picsart

Nowadays, it is the most popular editing app, can be installed in both Android and iOS devices available in the free and premium version. In the free version, you can edit the picture using various curves, adding text, frames, clone tools, and many other shades. There are few remix editing available on the homepage which can be used directly to edit your picture without picking any tool it will edit by default. 

On the other side, in the premium version, you will get thousands of stickers, frames, masks, collages, and effects to make your professional picture. 

Alright, so as per my usage experience, the above-mentioned photo editing apps are the best. You can use these apps as per the requirement or desire you want in the final picture. Go and check these apps by using it in your device!!